Connswater HomesOn 4 April 1976 following a meeting in the local community centre, a committee was formed to examine the possibility of regenerating the Connswater area of East Belfast. A chairman, Reverend James McAllister was elected and Connswater Housing Association was subsequently formed and registered in 1977.

The Association was allocated an Action Area and the initial task was to turn the derelict houses into homes once again. The first new build scheme did not materialise until 1983 but this was quickly followed by additional schemes including the building of the Association’s office in Severn Street in 1994, up until then the Association had worked from an old terraced house in Mersey Street.

1997 saw changes in the way social housing including its provision and maintenance would be managed in Northern Ireland. The regime required a remodelling of internal structures and greater emphasis on accountability and efficiency. The Association appointed its first Chief Executive in 1999 and the organisation under the governance of a committed board of management continued to go from strength to strength.

With much of the local regeneration now completed, the Association in 2003 made the decision to move outside its traditional boundaries and actively seek development opportunities province wide.

In recognition of this wider area of operation Connswater Housing Association re-branded to Connswater Homes and relocated to a more prominent and accessible location in 2006.