Connswater HomesPaying Rent
Rent is charged to your account every Monday. Payments are not accepted at the office but may be made in the following ways:
  • Using a swipe card at any post office. You should allow three working days for money paid this way to reach your account;
  • By Standing Order through your bank or building society account. Contact the office for details of how to avail of this service or download a form here
There is no charge for using your swipe card however an appropriate charge is payable to replace lost cards. Faulty cards are replaced free of charge.
Your bank or building society may charge you a set up fee for Standing Order transactions. You may also be charged when you change the amount.
Rates are assessed by the Valuation and Lands Agency. Increases are notified to Connswater Homes and the charge is collected along with your rent.
Housing Benefit
  • We encourage tenants to apply for housing benefit when they first sign their tenancy agreement
  • It is the tenants responsibility to claim housing benefit and also to notify NIHE of any change in circumstance
  • Help is available at the office
  • Application forms cover rent and rates and entitlement is calculated by the Housing Executive
  • You must advise both Connswater Homes and the Housing Executive of any changes in your circumstances
Rent Increase
  • The Association strives to keep rents affordable
  • Increases will be effective after 31st March each year
  • All tenants will receive one months’ notice of any such change
Problems Paying Rent
  • We rely on our income from rents and operate a strict Rent Management Policy to make sure any problems are identified quickly;
  • If you have any problems paying your rent, you should contact your Housing Manager immediately;
  • Staff are committed to offering advice and assistance in difficult circumstances;
  • All matters will be dealt with in strictest confidence.